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    2007 › Code re-work before

    This was a shot of some code I had written myself for Cataphora's C-Evidence product. The code itself had grown and mutated from a very early legacy product that wasn't supposed to be around for as long as it was, but surprise, it lasted longer.

    It's here mainly for comparison with the next slide, which shows the code after I re-wrote it from scratch and implemented a much more OOP/Frameworks style of PHP code so that forms, tables, and other reusable components could be more easily created.

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    2007 › Code re-work after

    This is the after shot of the previous code snippet that shows how the code was re-written to use much more OOP and frameworks concepts. This meant that reusable components could be much more easily created and plugged into pages without having to worry about styles, look-and-feel and the likes. If you wanted a table, you created the data and called the table class to render that view.

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    2003 › Client file area

    This was a client area that I wrote for (guess!) a client. The purpose of it was to serve up files via a website to clients of the client, which is a common need for a lot of small tech businesses. It had full documentation and was meant to be installed by non-technical types.

    I'll be honest when I say that I haven't checked this in quite some time, so I can't guarantee that it would still work with newer PHP releases (with regards to deprecation). However, you can download the full code release here.