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    2013 › Cataphora

    Catphora needed a launcher for a collection of our software.

    What I did

    In addition to writing all the source for this Java application, I also created a unique icon for each viewer, as you can see here.

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    2012 › Cataphora

    This is a set of icons for one of Cataphora's analysis tools. It was a very challenging set for two reasons:

    1. Required size (28x28 pixels)
    2. Concepts conveyed

    In other words, things like "workflow anomalies" and "periodicity" don't immediately conjure up a vast collection of teensy visual representations. While naturally a text label and a manual would be required to understand what these represent, I tried to ensure that each one had at least one easily recognizable visual element so that once learned, they would be easy to interact with.

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    2011 › Cataphora

    An emoticon set is nothing groundbreaking, but Catphora needed a custom one for representing a variety of emotions visually in our software.

    We did have a few unique ones that are not used elsewhere (two-faced, for example), and the set I created is one that I am proud of. They also look very nice at both small and large sizes, which was important for display in a variety of mediums and formats.

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    2010 › Cataphora

    Not an icon specifically, but control-related. This timeline is in use in Cataphora products that require a time control.

    The yellow bars represent points of time where we don't have data for whatever is being played back, and the time controller moves at a faster speed over those times (controllable via the app configuration).

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    2009 › Cataphora

    A collection of CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete) icons for user management in web buttons. I also enjoy the visual styling of a fixed width button with the label aligned left and the icon aligned right.

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    2000 › Troba

    The Troba City Builder needed a set of CAD-esque tools, and these were the icons I developed for them. Simple, but effective.